Russian Restaurants

Whether you are looking for a place to try something new or want to enjoy a piece of a foreign culture, a Russian restaurant is a good choice to satisfy your cravings. Finding a good Russian restaurant in Toronto is a tough job made easy with the right information.

How to Choose the Best Russian Restaurant in Toronto

Take a quick glance at what you should be looking for when choosing a Russian restaurant.

Straightforward Menu

If you don’t speak Russian, the menu will look foreign even if it’s translated into English. A good Russian restaurant will offer their clients a menu with a full list of ingredients in English. The waiter will always be available to answer questions about the dishes.

Good Reviews

Most Russian restaurants in Toronto are created to cater to both English- and Russian-speaking clients. However, some might be Russian clientele oriented. Before making your choice, take some time to read the reviews.

Prices and Reservations

Some Toronto Russian restaurants are rather expensive. Once you choose a venue, make sure it’s affordable. In order to get into an elite restaurant, you will need to make prior reservations.


Take some time to browse photos of the restaurant. If you prefer full immersion into the country’s atmosphere, you need to look for top-level venues. An average Russian restaurant in Toronto will have thematic paintings and a couple of matryoshka dolls set on the tables. Most of the Russian Toronto restaurants focus on tasty Russian food and not on the set-up.

What to Try at a Russian Restaurant in Toronto

When you first visit a Russian restaurant, you might get lost choosing something from a varied menu. Here are some Russian foods you might want to check out:

  • Blini – This dish is similar to crepes but much thinner. It gets served with a large variety of fillings, including jam, meat, and red caviar.
  • Olivier Salad – There is not a Russian on the planet who haven’t tried this salad at least once in his or her life. It’s a must-have food for those who want to experience full cultural immersion.
  • Solyanka Soup – This spicy and sour soup is created from a mix of deli meats, sausages, olives, pickles, and cabbage.
  • Borsch – This famous Russian soup is a must-try for anyone.
  • Pelmeni – These meat dumplings are hearty and delicious.
  • Holodets – This traditional Russian dish that looks like meat jelly is usually served at the Russian celebrations.