Mexican Restaurants

A good Mexican restaurant is much more than tasty tacos, enchiladas, and guacamole. It’s a menu with a big variety of Mexican dishes cooked for even the pickiest clients, great Mexican music, helpful waiters and a colorful setup.

How to Find the Best Mexican Restaurant in Toronto

While Toronto is over 4000 km away from Mexico, the abundance of Mexican restaurants in downtown Toronto is impressive. When faced with a big choice of different Mexican venues, it’s often hard to pick the right one. So what makes the Toronto Mexican restaurants worth your while?

The Menu

Mexican food is often hot and spicy and while Mexican stomachs do a good job dealing with this greasy stuff, Canadians might not feel as good after such a flavorful meal. That’s why the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto offer a special variety for people who are not fans of hot and greasy dishes but still want to try authentic Mexican munchies.

At the same time, a good menu should have a detailed list of ingredients for every dish. If you take time to call the restaurant or do some research before planning a visit, you can find out whether or not the particular venue offers gluten-free or halal dishes. Most of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in Toronto will serve dishes suitable for all their clients’ demands.

The Set-Up

When you browse through the Mexican restaurants in Toronto, make it your goal to check out the set-up. Just a few photos will tell you whether or not the restaurant is worth your while. If tasty food is not all you are looking for, consider choosing a restaurant with appropriate Mexican décor. Draping flags, hacienda motifs, and waiters in Sombreros do wonders for turning a simple meal into a phenomenal experience. A perfect Mexican restaurant in Toronto will make you feel as if you are eating a quesadilla at a beach even during the harshest Canadian winter.

The Healthiest Food to try at the Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto

Most people believe that there is nothing healthy about Mexican food. This is the reason some of the best restaurants are ignored by those who need to keep to a healthy diet. Contrary to the popular belief, Mexican food can be healthy. Here are a few dishes you can try at the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto downtown:

  • Salads – Most Mexican salads are healthy. What makes them unhealthy is the dressing. You can ask for the dressing to be served on the side.
  • Broth-based soups – Most of the unhealthy Mexican soups are cream soups. Broth-based dishes are tasty and healthy.
  • Grilled Fish – A great main course at a Mexican restaurant. A side of vegetables or beans make it even healthier.
  • Vegetable Fajitas – The best Mexican restaurants in Toronto must have vegetable fajitas. Make sure to choose the ones that come in a corn tortilla.
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