Japanese Restaurants

Japanese restaurants are popular all over the world and Toronto is not an exception. You can find a big variety of Japanese restaurants in downtown Toronto where you can enjoy the authentic Japanese dishes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this amazing yet mysterious country.

How to Choose the Best Japanese Restaurant in Toronto?

When you don’t know anything about Japanese food except that you like the taste of it, finding a good restaurant can be complicated. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for authentic Japanese restaurants in Toronto.


Browsing through hundreds of reviews can be tiring. Besides, you never know which ones are genuine. You can use a simple trick to find the most useful reviews online. They must be written by Japanese clients. Only people who spent enough time in Japan know the real nature of good Japanese food. Accordingly, they can write the most valuable reviews. Pay close attention to the name of the reviewer. If it’s Asian, you have a chance to learn something important. Of course, there are Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and other food lovers who might be experts at Japanese cuisine. But the chance of finding a review from such an expert is much smaller.

The Chef

The best Japanese restaurants in Toronto have Japanese chefs. These chefs were educated at Japanese culinary schools or academies and know exactly how to create real Japanese masterpieces. That’s why it makes sense to do some research and find out about the chef of the restaurant you are about to go to.

The Menu

The best Japanese restaurants in Toronto don’t have non-Japanese food on the menu. A respectable Japanese chef won’t be cooking hamburgers and French fries for the mainstream clients. If you are going to try the real Japanese food, you must be ready for eating sushi, sashimi, soba, sukiyaki, and yakitori. If a Japanese restaurant has pizza on the menu, you can move this venue down your restaurant list.

Signature Dishes

Any good Japanese restaurant in Toronto must offer signature dishes. This is a sign that the Japanese chef is using his extensive experience to create special masterpieces. Any respectable venue must offer something extraordinary. The absence of signature dishes on the menu is a bad sign.

The Price Range

The best Japanese restaurant in downtown Toronto doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey. Don’t use the prices as your guide for choosing a good venue. All the above criteria can be met without astronomical costs. You can easily find a great Toronto Japanese restaurant to suit your budget.

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