Halal Restaurants

While halal-certified restaurants with halal-certified kitchens might be hard to find, there are many halal restaurants in Toronto where you can enjoy tasty halal dishes cooked using high-quality halal products.

What Is a Good Halal Restaurant?

The best halal restaurants in Toronto offer the following to their clients:

  • Halal-certified kitchen – A kitchen that is used for cooking only halal dishes. Such kitchens have special separated areas for halal cooking to ensure that there is no cross contamination.
  • Transparency – Halal restaurant owners make it their goal to be completely transparent about the products they use to cook halal dishes. They can easily answer such questions as who the farmers they work with are or where the vegetables come from.
  • Trends – The best halal restaurant owners follow the latest industry trends in order to stay competitive and offer their customers exactly what they are looking for and more.
  • Certification – A good halal restaurant is certified by halal religious organizations, such as ISNA Halal Certification Agency

How to Choose the Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto?

The Muslim population in Canada is rather small. However, there is no lack of halal restaurants in Toronto. Anyone looking for a good-quality halal food has a huge variety to choose from. Thanks to the population diversity in the GTA, top halal restaurants in Toronto are readily opening their doors to Muslims and other halal food lovers.

One of the best approaches to choosing a halal restaurant in Toronto is reading customer reviews. While different people have different opinions, you can get a general feeling about the restaurant after reading about 5 of such reviews. Reviews won’t give you an unbiased opinion about the halal restaurants in Toronto but they’ll at least help you avoid places that don’t warrant your attention.

Halal Restaurant No-Nos

Most of Toronto Halal restaurants offer good services. However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

  • Haram food – pork, alcohol, and carnivore meat shouldn’t be available on the menu.
  • Incomplete menus – Each dish must have a full list of ingredients.
  • Uninformed waiters – Waiters should be available to answer questions about the food’s origin.

When you are looking for the best halal restaurant in downtown Toronto, take a close look at the menus. You can check most of them out online. Contrary to what many people believe, halal food is not just kebabs. It varies from Chinese to Italian and beyond. People who have nothing to do with Islam can enjoy a great variety of halal dishes in the best halal restaurants in Toronto.