Gluten Free Restaurants

Whether you are on gluten-free diet or planning to go to the restaurant with someone who is on it, you’ll be glad to know that there is a big choice of gluten free restaurants in Toronto.

What is a Gluten Free Restaurant?

Contrary to what it might seem, a gluten free restaurant is not a place where all dishes are free from gluten. Such restaurants offer their clients a certain number of options that don’t contain gluten. If you are on such a diet, you know all too well about lengthy menu studying in any restaurant you go to. So if carefully sifting through the ingredients of every appealing is tiring, you want to opt for a gluten free restaurant in Toronto that does the job for you.

What Do the Best Gluten Free Toronto Restaurants Have to Offer?

The best gluten free restaurants in Toronto don’t just offer you the tasty food that doesn’t contain gluten, they come up with fabulous dishes that completely copy the taste of your favorite munchies but don’t use gluten-containing ingredients in the cooking process. No matter what kind of food you prefer, be it Italian pasta, Chinese dim sum, American burgers, Turkish kebabs, or Russian borsch – all of them can be created without gluten.

How Do Gluten Free Restaurant in Toronto Care for Their Clients?

Celiac sufferers know all too well about the inconvenience of asking a waiter for a gluten-free menu. The best gluten free restaurants Toronto has to offer won’t ever make a customer uncomfortable. When you are handed a gluten-free menu, you can be sure that:

  • The tomatoes for your salad weren’t chopped on the board where someone previously cut bread.
  • Your steak wasn’t cooked on the same grill that previously held burger buns.
  • Your gluten free pasta wasn’t cooked in the water used for wheat noodles.

The staff at the best gluten free restaurants knows everything about the dangers of cross contamination and all the rules are observed in order to avoid it.

Naturally Gluten Free Restaurants

When choosing gluten free Toronto restaurants, pay special attention to the seafood venues. They are the most likely restaurants to be naturally gluten free. The food they cook usually doesn’t require gluten and there are fewer dangers of cross contamination.

Ask The Right Questions

After narrowing down your choices of the best gluten free Toronto restaurants, make a small effort of calling the place. Ask about their experience in providing gluten free food. If you hear a short “no problem” then you should move the restaurant down the list. What you want to hear from a good gluten-free restaurant waiter is: “Yes, we have a lot of experience in cooking gluten-free food for our customers. We have a special gluten-free menu and know all about the dangers of cross contamination”.

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