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Chinese cuisine is popular all over the world. The big variety of noodles, rice, vegetables, meat and fish cooked in a unique way allows even the pickiest diners to find the dish to suit their tastes. Since the demand for Chinese food is high, the number of Chinese restaurants in Toronto is soaring through the roof. While it may be easier to find a venue near your home or hotel, it’s harder to choose a worthy and authentic place with all the attributes of a real Chinese restaurant.

Just like many large cities all over the world Toronto has a Chinatown. However, not all Toronto Chinatown restaurants are created equal. The location of the Chinese venue doesn’t always speak for its quality. There are many other things you must consider when looking for the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

How to Find the Best Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

A good Chinese restaurant in Toronto is easy to find. But if you are looking for something truly special, here are some factors you should evaluate:

The Setup

Before choosing a Chinese restaurant in Toronto, take a few minutes to browse through the pictures available online. The interior of an authentic Chinese venue must be decorated with red and gold designs and feature a shrine. Most popularized Chinese restaurants try to cater to people of all religious backgrounds and avoid installing shrine. Only a true Chinese restaurant has a shrine which is visible to the clients.

The Staff

The best Toronto Chinese restaurants have Chinese owners, Chinese staff and, of course, a Chinese chef. Since Toronto has a large Chinese population, hiring such staff shouldn’t be a problem. If you see Caucasian waiters, it means the owner doesn’t care that much for the restaurant’s reputation.

The Menu

Take a few minutes to study the menu of the Chinese restaurant in Toronto that seems appealing to you. Non-authentic Chinese venues often try to cater to the mainstream audience by offering adapted dishes. If you find a Chinatown Toronto restaurant that has the following dishes on the menu, you can cross it off your list:

  • Crab wontons
  • Pu Pu Platter
  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Beef and Broccoli
  • Chop Suey

Special attention should be paid to fortune cookies which are a Western invention. If you don’t get a fortune cookie after your meal, you just visited an authentic Chinese restaurant. If you have special diet restrictions, you can check out gluten-free and halal Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

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