Marijuana Greenhouses: Restrictions Are Removed To Treat Cannabis As Normal Crop

Marijuana Greenhouses: Restrictions Are Removed To Treat Cannabis As Normal Crop

The world is changing at the speed of light and so do Canadian laws. In the summer of 2018, Canadians are expecting to hear about marijuana legalization. The law has already passed the second reading in Senate but is yet to be voted on. The bill is expected to be passed in June or July 2018.

The recreational use of cannabis is expected to be legalized for people over 18 or 19, depending on the province. Once legalized, cannabis will be sold in stores and online. For example, Ontario is expecting about 80 marijuana stores to be open by the summer of 2019.

As the legalization nears, the agricultural industry is looking at new ways to earn money. Meanwhile, recreational users are contemplating building marijuana greenhouses in their backyards.

Marijuana greenhouses are not hard to build. Experts from AFS General Contractors confirm that once cannabis is legalized, it’s not hard to build a greenhouse on recreational users’ yards.

Marijuana greenhouse construction depends on the following factors.

1. The Size

In order to understand how much space a person needs to build a greenhouse, he or she should consider the number of mature plants. Each plant requires about one square meter. These calculations are approximate. They don’t include the area for tool storage, water storage, heating, benches, etc. There also should be enough space for sufficient air circulation.

2. The Cost

Building a greenhouse on your own will definitely be cheaper than hiring a contractor. However, it’s often hard to make all the proper calculations and consider all the needs of marijuana plants. If you are thinking of building a small greenhouse, a DIY project may be a good choice. In case you are thinking about a large crop, hiring a contractor can ensure your success.

3. The Location

Marijuana requires a lot of sunlight. So you need to keep this in mind when choosing thelocation of the greenhouse. Some people prefer adding a section to their homes. If such is the case with you, choose the south or southeast side. Make sure to avoid the shady spots. If you have high trees growing in the yard, they may interfere with the growth by creating too much shade.

Marijuana growers prefer planting the cannabis where it gets the most morning sunlight. Morning sunshine speeds up the growth process. Another key to growing a good crop is maximizing the sun exposure in the winter.

4. Wind Protection

While the marijuana plant enjoys fresh air and plenty of sunshine, it doesn’t like the wind. So the greenhouse ventilation must be well-thought-out in order to avoid too much airflow.

5. Panels

Another factor to think about is diffused panels. They are usually recommended for marijuana greenhouses as opposed to clear panels. Clear panels don’t offer any protection from direct sunlight. Diffused or semi-defused panels can save your plants from too much heat.

6. Temperatures

The trickiest part about building the greenhouse is making it easy to maintain a certain temperature inside. Proper ventilation is the key to overcoming temperature difficulties. It’s often harder to keep the plants from overheating than providing them with sufficient warmth.

Overall, there are many things to consider when building a marijuana greenhouse. It may be a good idea to talk to a professional before starting the process.

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