How to Improve Call Center Efficiency?

How to Improve Call Center Efficiency?

Depending on the business you're in, the call center might be one of the most important departments within your organization. These centers are invaluable for all companies that work with numerous clients, especially if their product is tricky to use or if there’s some other obstacle affecting users.

As a result, the success of these brands often correlates to the call center. Whether we’re talking about customer support teams or sales teams, each call center can benefit from improved procedures and better software. That being said, here are a few ways to streamline the process:

1. Create good SOP

For the most part, the success of a call center hinges on Standard Operating Procedures. Given that users make all sorts of requests, it's vital that you create a streamlined process that can be used for the majority of situations. So, even if there's some major roadblock, your team can refer to the SOP to get them out of a pinch.

Your task as a manager is to create a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide that would cover all eventualities. It can come in the form of Google Documents and be accessible to all team members. That way, even if you do make any changes to the document, these updates will be made in real-time, leaving no room for confusion.

2. Establish goals

No matter what you do, it's necessary for team members to have clear goals in front of them. These objectives will affect all related progression and can be used for bonuses and promotions. For example, you can set sales milestones that a call center agent needs to achieve to get to that next level.

Given that most of these jobs are "temporary" (people see them as just another step on the corporate ladder), employees should understand how to get to the next level. This way, they will feel motivated to achieve great results without having the feeling they're being mobbed. Furthermore, you can always refer to these milestones in case of a conflict with an employee who’s asking for an undeserved promotion.

3. Use chatbots

Whether you're handling a small or a large call center, you've probably thought about introducing chatbots. While this technology might still feel inadequate for large corporations that tackle numerous unique complaints, it can do wonders for smaller teams.

Implementing chatbots is a great way to satisfy user queries without losing the quality. They’re especially powerful when there’s a small number of potential questions customers can ask or when the products aren’t particularly complex. As long as you can properly create anAI-powered knowledge base, you shouldn’t have any trouble introducing chatbots into your workflow.

4. Provide technology

As they often say, a handyman is only as good as his tools. Like any other industry or profession, call centers and agents can benefit from top-notch software. Nowadays, you have lots of programs that are easy to comprehend yet provide excellent results. As we just mentioned, you can benefit from various AI tools for streamlining your daily processes.

For example, many companies nowadays introduce CRM, sales and marketing software, and helpdesk technology. Not only do these platforms make things easier for the employees, but they also provide better results for the clients. They’re especially fantastic for new staff members as they allow them to be eased into the daily routine.

5. Utilize powerful scripts

Both sales teams and customer support teams are affected by the script quality. However, while your customer call center might survive a suboptimal script, your sales team will get butchered when using a bad, inappropriate text.

Basically, your sales script is vital for lead conversion. It needs to cover all eventualities and potential questions that a person might have. Furthermore, you also need several powerful rebuttals that will turn any unfavorable situations to your advantage. Besides improving conversions, having a well-planned script will also make the sales process easier and faster for agents.

6. Record calls

If you ask any agent about call recording, most of them will tell you that this technology is completely unnecessary. This stance makes sense, given that no one likes to be monitored. However, call recording has another, even more important purpose than spying on your employees.

With this process, the upper management can check on how agents are doing their job and whether there’s space for progress. They don’t necessarily have to use this information to penalize workers and, instead, can use it to improve their efficiency.

7. Reroute calls

Call center teams can be extremely diverse in terms of their skills. Some employees are highly proficient in several languages, allowing them to communicate with different markets with ease. Others know their way around finances, making them optimal agents for related questions.

Every call center should introduce automatic rerouting systems that would connect the right agents with the right clients. That way, you can increase the efficiency of each employee while also providing better service. These systems are also fantastic for conversion as they allow you to connect the best salesperson with a highly qualified lead.

8. Implement KPIs

Like any other business, call center performance is highly dependent on KPIs. Of course, they will vary based on your business goals and the type of call center you're running. For example, sales teams will focus more on lead generation and sales, while customer teams will hinge on user satisfaction.

If you wish to have an efficient process, it’s crucial that you focus on the right metrics. While tracking various KPIs has its benefits, it can avert your attention from things that are important. So, not only should you monitor performance, but you also need to focus on the right indicators.


With a proper plan and execution, you can significantly boost the performance of your call center. Aside from relying on modern software, managers should introduce proper procedures to streamline daily operations. To round things up, you can track metrics relevant to your company to ensure you stay on course.