How to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider: 5 Tips

How to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider: 5 Tips

Managed IT services are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Outsourcing IT-related tasks can help your company grow while keeping your top specialists focused on tasks they do best.

Since the demand for managed IT services providers is high, so is the supply. This makes choosing the right company complicated. To make sure you are signing a contract with the right managed IT service provider for your business, take advantage of the following tips.

1. Ask Around

Word-of-mouth recommendations usually work the best. You can talk to family, friends, coworkers, partners, and even competitors. This can help you come up with an initial list of candidates that you have extensive information about.

What you should remember is that what works for your acquaintances may not work for you. Further research is always required.

If you can’t find the right provider by asking around, turn to the internet. Some of the websites to search for the managed IT services providers are:



IT Companies Network

2. Check Experience with Similar Clients

According to the experts from Symple, Ottawa Managed IT Services Company, any respectable managed IT services provider can adjust its services to any industry. However, if the company hasn’t worked with similar clients before, it may take some time to achieve any visible results.

When you narrow down the list of your potential partners, ask them about the experience with companies similar to yours.

3. Research Technical Support Options

If you plan to outsource technical support issues to a managed IT services provider, you need to make sure they have enough resources to get the job done. Find out:

The number of people on the team.

Response time during office hours.

Information about after-hours support.

Availability to handle emergency requests.

Ask the provider directly how they plan to handle technical support for your company, especially if you have a large office. Do they have enough experience and staff to take care of a serious problem, especially if it arises after office hours? Will they charge extra for off-hours work?

4. Ask the Right Questions

When you interview your potential candidates, make sure to learn everything you can about them.

Which services do you provide? Don’t assume that each managed IT service provider offers a wide range of services. Some companies focus on certain niches, suitable for specific clients.

What level of customer service do you offer? Will you get a personal manager? Can you contact the provider during the off-hours?

How do you train your employees? An answer to this question can show you how much time and resources the company dedicates to its employees. The IT realm changes at the speed of light so employees require continuous training.

Can you offer references and case studies? References, testimonials, and case studies can help you get a clear picture of how working with a particular provider affects the company’s bottom line.

How do you approach cybersecurity? Since the number of cyberattacks is growing, especially for small businesses, make sure your potential provider knows about the latest cybersecurity tactics.

During the interview, ask yourself if you enjoy communicating with the provider. Do you understand each other well? Even the highest-rated companies may not fit you simply because you have trouble understanding each other.

5. Consider the Price

While the cost shouldn’t be a deciding factor, it’s worth your attention. It’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of proper IT support if you need to spend too much money on it. Always compare the prices offered by the providers on your list. Reject anything too high or too low.

Beware of low rates. Most likely, they mean that the company is either inexperienced or delegates its work to offshore specialists. High rates don’t mean high-quality services.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a perfect managed IT services provider can take time. Don’t rush the decision. The time you spend on choosing this partner now will reflect on the quality of your collaboration later.

Use the above tips to speed up the process. There is an ideal managed IT service provider out there for you. You just need some time to find it.

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