What Is A Souq Affiliate Program?

What Is A Souq Affiliate Program?

Souq.com is an Amazon company created specifically for Middle East And North Africa (MENA) region. Essentially, it’s a website where citizens of the MENA countries can buy virtually anything, from electronics to diapers.

Souq has excellent customer support and appealing delivery options. Powered by Amazon, it has become one of the most used online e-commerce services in the MENA region

The website has millions of users per month, however, similar to Amazon, it doesn’t stop marketing itself. Helping Souq.com acquire more customers and clients can assist other companies and users via an  affiliate marketing program.

Souq.com Affiliate Marketing Program

Souq offers its clients and other companies an opportunity to earn money via its simple affiliate program.

Anyone from an enterprise owner to a blogger can take advantage of the  benefits of Souq affiliate marketing. The website offers a profitable partnership, promising up to 10% of the transaction in case a customer, who uses an affiliate link, completes it.

Join Souq affiliate program is free. The company gives each partner everything necessary to start working, including links and banners.

All you have to do is go through a simple registration process, which takes less than 10 minutes. You can start promoting the website immediately.

According to  Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO & Co-Founder of Souq.com: "We have launched the Affiliates Program to continue our approach of taking partners along in our growth and building long term, mutually rewarding relationships. The program offers another great partnership opportunity where anyone can monetize their own traffic and reach."

How To Earn Money With Souq Affiliate Marketing Program

Earning money with an affiliate program seems easy. However, it does require considerable work.

The best part about Souq’s affiliate marketing is that the shop sells such a huge variety of products that it can suit any niche. So regardless of the theme of your website, you can become a marketing partner without any extra effort.

1. Build A Website

If you are starting from scratch, you need to build a high-quality website, which is easy to navigate, has quick loading time, offers an excellent mobile version, and provides a special place for an affiliate marketing banner (if you are planning to use one).

2. Create Valuable Content

The content you come up with doesn’t just have to be related to your niche, it must be useable for the affiliate marketing program. You may even consider creating content specifically for Souq. For example, you can review certain items or make up useful comparison tables.

3. Market Your Website

In order to get maximum value out of the affiliate program, you have to increase the traffic on your website. This involves SEO efforts, social media marketing, and content improvement. All of the above calls for time and effort investments.

4. Improve Your Email List

Using email for your marketing purposes is easy and highly efficient. Email is still one of the key marketing weapons. By growing your email list, you can get more clients to click the desired links and make the purchase on Souq.

However, you have to be careful maintaining e-mail list hygiene in order to keep your sender’s reputation flawless.

5. Track Your Performance

Numerous tools exist for  tracking your affiliate marketing efforts. Besides giving you an idea of how much you are earning, such software can provide an analysis of your work and help improve the output in the future.

Final Thoughts

Souq has an excellent affiliate program, which can help you earn money without too much extra effort. It’s free and easy to join at any time.

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