9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenagers

9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Finding an excellent birthday gift for a teenager may be tough. Their preferences seem to be changing at the speed of light. Even if you think you know what’s considered “gucci” or “lit” these days, the teen may not think so.

If you are faced with a complicated task of choosing a gift which doesn’t make a huge hole in your wallet you need help. We’ve done the research to come with the best gift ideas for teenagers, which can get their true appreciation.

1. Instant Print Camera

Who said Polaroid was outdated? Instant-print digital cameras are still alive and thriving. While the era of Instagram seems to have swallowed the photo booths, the tiny gadget which can print photos is still awesome.

This gift is suitable for both boys and girls. The camera allows photo sharing as well, so social network lovers won’t feel out of place.

2. New Outfit

The majority of teenagers care about the way they look. A new outfit is always an excellent idea for both girls and boys. But how can you tell what they really like? Of course, most of them would love a Gucci (real Gucci this time) outfit. But can you afford it?

An unusual idea is to get a varsity jacket and then get it personalized. Basic varsity jackets from such companies as Varsity Base can be embroidered to create a truly special gift.

3. Headphones

Music is a timeless hobby of all teenagers all over the world. If you want to make a teen happy, get him or her a cool pair of headphones. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes. So you need to do a little headphone research.

4. Bags And Backpacks

All teenagers use bags and/or backpacks. However, they can rarely afford a really awesome one. So you could either get a gift certificate to a store that sells them or make an effort to guess which one they may like the best.

Today high-tech backpacks are becoming increasingly popular. If you choose one of these, don’t forget to evaluate the capacity as well. It should be big enough to serve as a school bag.

5. Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are a must-have for any music lover. They connect to the smartphone using Bluetooth to allow the teenager to listen to the music anytime and anywhere. Even if the teen already has one of these, a better one is always an excellent gift.

6. Scratch Map

If your teen likes traveling, a scratch map is a great gift. It allows the teenager to scratch off the places he or she has already visited. These maps make great Christmas gifts. If the teenager is your son or daughter, a scratch map is an excellent addition to a vacation trip.

7. Bracelets

If the teenager enjoys wearing accessories, a bracelet can be a wonderful option. From silver to woven, they come in various materials. If you think a boy may not appreciate such a gift, you are wrong. Do some research to find top-notch bracelets for boys and men.

8. Fitness Activity Tracker

If a pretty bracelet doesn’t seem like a good idea, consider a fitness activity tracker. These bracelets don’t just look cool, they help teenagers set goals, lose weight, and enjoy an active way of life.

9. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories are a win-win deal. Be it cases, chargers, stands or holders, the teenager is bound to like them. Find out which smartphone the teenager has and head to an accessory store. Get assistance from the vendor to buy the best accessory set you can afford.

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