6 Fashion Photography Tips

6 Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion photography requires a special approach coupled with lengthy preparations. In order to achieve the results you are used to seeing in magazines, you need to put in hours of work. Amateur fashion photographers often overlook several essential things. As a result, they are stuck with hours of photo adjustments and corrections.

Following a plan is a good choice for the beginner and a good habit for a professional photographer. The plan includes all the essentials, which can make your shooting and processing tasks easier. We asked a professional New York fashion photographer Araman to share the tips he uses to create masterpieces.

1. Keep Tabs On The Work Of Others

As a fashion photographer, you need to collaborate with stylists, make-up artists, and hairdressers. They can do their job without your involvement. But what will you get as a result? Even though amateur photographers believe that expert stylists can always do the job right, they are mistaken.

Each artist sees the situation in his or her own light. And that light may be 100% different from what you want. That’s why you have to keep tabs on everyone’s work. It doesn’t mean you have to always order them around. Be open to the ideas and suggestion but never release the reigns.

2. Act As A Director

Even though shooting is your primary task, a good fashion photographer has to be an excellent director. You have to remember that you are on stage and your model is the lead actor in your play.

Some models may naturally understand how to behave, pose, and move. But, in the majority of cases, they need your guidance. Even if you are an amateur photographer and the model has years of experience, don’t feel shy. Give orders, not suggestions. It’s your shoot, and you are responsible for excellent results.

3. Break The Rules…A Little

You are bound to read plenty of interesting and useful things about the use of lighting, the choice of scenery, and the approach to processing. However, you’ll never become an excellent fashion photographer without being creative.

As a beginner, you may need to follow the rules strictly. But once you get the hang of the process, consider breaking them a little. Very soon, you’ll see whether your approach really works and what changes are needed. Even if the experiment doesn’t work out, it’s a wonderful experience for you as a photographer.

4. Don’t Take Long Breaks

Even if you don’t have a project today, it doesn’t mean you can stop shooting. Each new day gives you an excellent opportunity to hone your skills. Any person around you can act as a model.

Taking long breaks has a negative effect on your creative streak. Getting back in the saddle may be tough. A professional photographer always finds opportunities to shoot. Even if it doesn’t bring you revenue, a spontaneous shoot can make a great addition to your portfolio.

5. Seek Advice

Don’t view other professional photographers as competition. In reality, they are an excellent source of advice. Collaborating with experts can give you the experience you won’t get by reading smart articles and books.

Ask a professional photographer to allow you to attend his or her photoshoot. You may get the inspiration you never thought possible from just watching someone working.

6. Keep Learning

How many photography courses have you taken? There are always more waiting for you. If you have free time, don’t spend it mulling over the lack of orders. Use it to keep learning. The world of fashion photography is changing every day. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind the competition.

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