Waldorf Academy

Waldorf Academy

Waldorf Academy was founded in 1987 by a group of parents just like you and is located in the heart of Toronto in a cozy Casa Loma area on a quiet residential street and is easily accessible to all Toronto areas with Dupont Station nearby. Toronto Waldorf Academy serves students from Pre-K to Grade 8.

Waldorf Education was founded in 20th century by Rudolf Steiner: great visionary, scientist and artist. Waldorf education is based on understanding and principles of child development outlined by Steiner. The main goal is to incorporate imagination into learning in order to enhance artistic, social and practical development of students. Waldorf education system has become the fastest growing alternative education system in the past century.

Waldorf Education at Toronto Waldorf Academy

At Toronto Waldorf Academy students enjoy hands-on approach when it comes to education. They are involved not only in academics but also learn through experience which encourages them to develop all their senses. Students get to cook, garden, sing, sculpt, paint, work with wood. Subjects such as astronomy, mythology and orchestra are included in their program. This approach helps them to become responsible members of society. At its core Waldorf Education encourages students to rely on their own intellectual and emotional capacities and to acquire deep-rooted ability to learn and to stimulate creative thinking.

Waldorf Academy Facilities

Waldorf Academy in Toronto is located in a cozy residential area close to Casa Loma and its facilities are spread across two buildings. The academy offers snug homey environment and boasts fully equipped classrooms, nursery and kindergartens with protected backyard. Academy also boasts eurythmy room, gym, outdoor areas and woodwork room.

Education at Toronto Waldorf Academy

Academy’s program is based on three major developmental stages that children go through: imitation (first stage), imagination (second stage) and critical thinking and judgement (third stage). Unique methods that go in line with the emotional development and learning abilities are utilized for each stage. At each stage students are involved in hands-on activities that awaken ability to not only learn but to deeply understand and question the world around them to become free human beings.

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