ICC Property Management Employees to Benefit from The Company’s Dream Foundation


ICC Property Management’s employees will start receiving rewards in terms cash and access to opportunities to help them achieve their personal dreams. The reward system known as the ICC Dream Foundation will enable the company’s employees to fulfill their personal life goals and ambitions. The company hopes that this move will motivate the employees to improve their performance while living improved lives.

"The company would not exist without our hardworking employees," acknowledged the company’s President, Founder and Steven Christodoulou. "Our employees play a crucial role in creating the great culture which we enjoy at the company," he added.

The CEO also said that the culture gives the company a competitive advantage over their competitors. He said all this during the launch of the Dream Foundation. “Without culture, the company doesn’t have the ability and teamwork to achieve its goals regardless of the strength of its strategies,” he said.

Because of this, Mr. Christodoulou has set the Dream Foundation rolling, encouraging the employees to send him an email with the details of their dream. He assured the employees that the emails would be confidential unless the employee who sent it decided to make it public.

He admitted that he deeply appreciates the fact that the company’s staff shows up for work on a daily basis to make sure the company executes its vision. Therefore, the Dream Foundation is an opportunity for him to give back to the employees, an opportunity to make a difference in his employees’ lives.

Leona was the first ICC Property Management staff member to see her dream come true under this new initiative. She said the dream she had mentioned to the CEO was to join Weight Watchers.

She confessed that she was going to join the Weight Watchers program regardless of whether that dream would be considered by the CEO in the Dream Foundation. She was ecstatic when Steven told her that her dream had been granted.

Through the new initiative, Steven has also opened up the program to the rest of the employees at ICC Property Management and there already is impressive results to show for it.

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